SMS, Api, Automation & Systems Integration

ZeeSWEB provides the finest web services for big corporates and small businesses alike

Automation & Systems Integration

Do you have several online systems and need a unified one? ZeeSWEB offers Systems Integration Services. Do you want to integrate your Joomla Application with Asterix? android/windows/iOS application with Joomla/WordPress? open-source application such as with a web application or with your in-house developed system? PHP system to read data from Microsoft Dynamics (Axapta)? We build your own unified system and interface no matter how many components it includes. you are free to select one of our ready-made integration solutions or customize your own.

API platform

If you want to build an API platform of micro services for your existing systems and solutions, our architects are ready to assist you. Our team has deployed cloud-based and on-premise open-source and proprietary API management solutions and integrated over 100 micro-services in a single platform.

SMS service

ZeeSWEB offers several SMS services. With our SMS API, you will integrate SMS with your web/mobile application with the cheapest rates with 100% uptime guarantee. If you don’t want to execute the work yourself, we can also help in the integration process with our Systems Integration services.

ZeeSWEB also provides a WEB SMS Service that allows users to easily log in, handle contacts, and send multiple messages at once. The service offers features like managing accounts, adding credit, and sending SMS to clients or employees. It seems like a convenient solution for efficient communication.